Donald GibsonKit invests knowledge both of her subjects and of her craft into each of her article submissions, making my role as editor not only an easy one, but a pleasurable one as well. Kit understands what she's writing about, whether demonstrating it with perspective on an artist's first album or a legend's latest release. Even if she's writing on a new or relatively unfamiliar topic, she brings a certain insight and appreciation to her work that makes it amenable to readers. One of the most telling aspects of a writer is how that writer accepts — or even challenges with a substantive argument — constructive criticism. In editing her work, I've never found Kit to be anything but accommodating and attentive to what's ultimately in the best interest of her writing.

Donald Gibson
Music Editor, Blogcritics.org

Clayton PerryKit is the consummate professional. She responds to e-mail correspondence in a timely manner and produces excellent work! It is apparent and obvious, by reviewing her work, that she is very attentive to detail(s). Kit's writing is very conversational in its tone -- enveloping the reader as if they were invited into her home and engaged in a one-on-one conversation. In a nutshell, Kit's output is amazing.

Clayton Perry
Freelance Writer and Educator

Joy FosterKit O'Toole has written numerous reviews for our musical artists that not only demonstrate her knowledge of music but a willingness to investigate and support each artist. Not only that but she is delightful to work with as she communicates clearly and cares about the articles and reviews she writes. She also understands deadlines and the importance of a well constructed review which makes her a valuable resource to our company. Kit takes the time to research the artists and genres of music so that she can write intelligently and accurately which is something that is lacking in other writers. She also knows how to carve out her own original story from the press releases and materials we send her instead of regurgitating what she has already received from our company press kits. Kit is an excellent communicator, writer, and has a great attitude at all times. She knows how to build relationships with her business associates. Kit is a consummate professional that I would recommend to any publication that is seeking a writer for articles, reviews or other types of content.

Joy Foster
Publicist, SV Media Relations

Glen BoydKit was very professional and easy to work with. She was always open to suggestions and/or constructive criticism. Kit's articles, in addition to being very well written, are also thoroughly researched -- I often learn something new when I read her work. Kit also writes in an entertaining, easy to read style. I enjoy working with Kit because she usually gets it right the first time, her stuff is usually error free, and she is open to editorial suggestions on how to improve.

Glen Boyd
Assistant Music Editor, Blogcritics.org

Connie PhillipsThe articles Kit submits to Blogcritics are always passionate and compelling articles. Her work is often clean and requires very little to no editing. Her enthusiasm about the subject matter she writes about and her unique voice [stand out].

Connie Phillips
Former Music Editor, Blogcritics.org

Eric OlsenKit is always a pleasure - she is industrious, reliable, creative, eager to learn and grow. She has her own voice, which is charming and confident. She provided us with interesting, high quality content on a consistent basis. Kit is a cornerstone asset to our organization!

Eric Olsen
Former Publisher, Blogcritics.org; currently CEO and Cofounder, The Morton Report

Bill KingShe always turns her copy in on time and in good shape. She suggests ideas for articles and is very cooperative. Her knowledge of the latest in social media and online technology stands out. I'd recommend Kit to anyone.

Bill King
Publisher, Goody Press

Mark BuckinghamHer work features thorough and varied research and freely incorporates relevant and entertaining pop culture references. It's well written and rarely needs much, if any, work upon submission. Her work is easy to read and edit, features thorough and varied research and freely incorporates relevant and entertaining pop culture references. She's receptive to suggestions and criticism (though rarely needed) and is all-around a delight to work with.

Mark Buckingham
Science and Technology Editor, Blogcitics.org

Josh HathawayHer professionalism, kindness, expertise, and talent are in rare supply in the freelance world. Kit is one of the most talented, insightful writers I've had the pleasure of working with. She's a consummate professional. Her versatility and knowledge of many musical idioms is impressive and her writing is imbued with passion without turning into silly gushing. Her voice presents her as a credible, critical listener with a skill to explain and reveal.

Josh Hathaway
Publisher, Blinded by Sound

Lucy BeerIt's always a pleasure working with Kit. She is professional, responsive and works with integrity. Kit always gives honest and thoughtful reviews from a balanced viewpoint. Any criticism is constructive and you can tell that she puts time and effort into her work. I continue working with Kit because I find her to be reliable and professional. She always gets back to me and gives me honest feedback. I respect her work ethic and her skills as a writer.

Lucy Beer
Online Marketing Coach, WebTrainingWheels